The process of making images places me in a state of meditative consciousness where I can see the world and myself for what we are.   

I create images of self-expression through the camera lens to determine those hidden attributes of my soul and to express my sense of the world around me.

Photography enables me to examine portions of my life at a transcendent level, to talk with and engage people I would not otherwise meet, to capture the mysteries of nature and to capture how people really are.  

The use of the camera open windows for me to enter into uncharted and unrealized experiences, to find that subtle area of prying self-expression and to find a network of relationships in nature where new metaphoric images come to light from the darkness.    

The image’s subject comes to me while in the meditative state which is feed by an impulsive and overwhelming desire to participate in the mysterious that unfold around me. I search for the unknown and unknowable. I look for the light within the shadows, the uncommon in the common, that decisive moment where the story is not at first obvious.